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Introducing the most revolutionary app on the market,

providing unpallalleled access to your congregation

Publish Videos

Divine Bytes provides the opportunity for constant interaction between a member and their leaders using your mobile phone or tablet

Form Ministries

Publish ministry information and help your congregation in their journey towards spiritual maturity by becoming more involved.  

Gain Exposure

Gain worldwide exposure and maintain contact with overseas members. Keep your Congregation up-to-date with the latest news, articles, photos, events, blogs and more; all from your App. 

Form An Online Religious Community

Deliver Inspiration

Imagine the opportunity to communicate with your congregation on a daily basis. Instantly deliver encouraging and uplifting messages, allowing your members to face their daily challenges with support and positive words. Members can access and sort your messages by category 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week all from their smartphone or tablet.


Your organization offers believers an avenue to find new friends, life partners and bond with like minded individuals. Your App allows congregation members to reach out to other members beyond the typical time they share together. Create a stronger, cohesive and unified congregation creating stronger bonds.

Increase Income

DivineBytes allows your organization to grow by increasing viewership and developing more active members. DivineBytes also allows you to reach the business community and non-members. Generate income for your organization by receiving up to 60% of monthly subscriptions and advertising revenue.